Laura Vincent Interior Design - The Process

Laura Vincent’s Seven Step Interior Design Process Brings Your Vision to Life

Laura Vincent has honed her interior design process since 2006. She has experience working in construction, real estate, and design and knows exactly how to achieve the results you’ve always dreamed of. She will get to know you, your style, your hopes, and design preferences on a personal level so she can act as the advocate and steward for your project.

Laura Vincent is a dedicated, talented interior designer who combines her years of experience, design and remodeling expertise, creativity, and kind professionalism to ensure that you have the best experience possible and end up thrilled with the results. She is an expert who will answer your questions and work with you throughout the entire process to transform your home into the sanctuary you deserve. Her process is designed to make your project as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

Step One: A Personalized Onsite Consultation

After you contact Laura Vincent, she will reach out to schedule a free, no obligation meeting at your home or the site of your project. At this meeting Laura will examine the space and ask about your design goals. She will ask thoughtful, in-depth questions, take pictures, and get an idea of the type and scope of work you are looking for. This helps her understand the level of involvement you are hoping for so she can create a proposal tailored to your needs.

Step Two: A Thoughtful Proposal

If Laura determines your project is a good fit, she will then go to her office and draft a proposal based on the answers to the questions you discussed at the consultation. In the proposal she will detail project aspects like scope, schedule, time estimates for different steps of the process (she often gives a range to give you the clearest idea possible), and a fee and pricing breakdown. You can typically expect to receive a proposal within a week of your meeting with Laura, and she is always available to answer any questions you might have.

Step Three: The Plan

Once you have approved the proposal, Laura Vincent will create a fully custom, easy to understand design plan. She has years of experience creating plans and drawings, and her work flipping houses lends itself to precise, legible documentation. During this stage of the process Laura will refine and finalize your goals and preferences, from the big picture to the smallest details. She will turn your vision into a story that reflects who you are and how you want your space to embody that. Unlike other designers or contractors, Laura will not impose her own wants or preferences onto your project. She will equip you with the information to make an informed decision that furthers your personal goals and style.

Step Four: The Presentation

After you approve the plan, Laura will begin the design process. This is where Laura channels her creativity, keen aesthetic eye, and intimate knowledge of your taste and preferences as she creates the concept and selects the best options for your project. During this time, Laura will source furniture, fabrics, finishes, materials, paint colors, fixtures, and more that are perfectly suited to your goals for your space. Laura will then set up a time to meet where together you’ll review the range of options for your space. Laura will present a variety of options to ensure that your home is truly tailored to your unique style. This presentation is an interactive, collaborative process where Laura works with you to choose the pieces and materials that will make up your dream home.

Step Five: Demolition and Removal to Construction and Installation

This is where your project really takes action! From placing orders to getting construction documents and approvals, coordinating physical improvements, and overseeing the installation, Laura Vincent has your back. Her expertise as an interior designer and house flipper means that she plans the exact order in which work will occur in order to maximize the efficiency of your project and value of your money. She will order materials, work with contractors, then make cosmetic and physical improvements. She’ll also handle all documentation and coordinate with contractors and architects/engineers to secure necessary permits. Then, Laura will coordinate the installation of design elements like furniture, décor, and artwork.

Step Six: Exciting! – The Big Reveal

This is the fun part! Welcome to your very own “I can’t believe this is my house” moment! Laura Vincent will walk you through your new space to ensure the project meets all your functional and aesthetic needs, so you can enjoy your home knowing it was created with your every want in mind.

Step Seven: The Exhale – Enjoy Your New Space!

Laura is committed to the satisfaction of her clients beyond the remodel. Once the project ends, your relationship with her does not. If you have a question, an adjustment needed to make you completely happy, or even ideas for a future project, Laura is here for you. You can rest easy knowing that you will always have a designer on your side who understands how personal and important your home is to you.

Give yourself the gift of a home that fills you with a sense of peace and joy: reach out to Laura Vincent now!

Laura Vincent 7-Step Process