Laura Vincent Interior Design - FAQ's

What You Need to Know About Interior Design and Laura Vincent

An interior design project may feel intimidating. So many questions! You might wonder if you can afford the project you want to do or worry that you won’t be happy with the final result. What are the differences in fabrics and finishes? What colors go together? Can a wall be moved or layout be made more comfortable? It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to creating the look you have in mind. Laura Vincent is an experienced interior designer who has the answers to your most important questions to create the home of your dreams.

Why should I hire an interior designer?

Hiring an interior designer saves you time, stress, and even money on your interior design project. When you have an expert on your side, they will ensure that your project is done in the right order, you’ll get the best value on materials and other pieces, you’ll have an advocate to work with contractors, and your project will be managed from start to finish so you can relax and look forward to a beautiful result. Interior designers also have access to more connections and resources than the average homeowner, and will ensure your space will truly feel like the home you’ve always wanted.

What’s the difference between an interior decorator and an interior designer?

While both interior decorators and interior designers offer a valuable service, the work of an interior designer goes into more depth and can accomplish more in your home than that of a decorator. Interior decorators work with furnishings and décor. Interior designers are additionally qualified to create plans, move interior walls, work with general contractors and engineers to do remodels, and create custom pieces and home features. Interior design is an art, but it’s also a science, and interior designers are able to go beyond selecting furniture, décor, and paint colors to maximizing the functionality of your space. In short, interior decorators decorate, but interior designers transform spaces through design.

What should I look for when choosing an interior designer?

It’s important to find someone who is experienced and knowledgeable, but also someone who will truly get to know your taste and preferences and create the space you want, not the one they think is best or most on-trend. Look for a designer who will ask you lots of questions during your consultation, who has experience and knows the industry well, and who can demonstrate that they’ve designed homes in a range of styles and don’t have just one “look” they tend to go for. It is also helpful if your designer has experience working with general contractors on more complex projects. And, it will make the process much more enjoyable when you choose an interior designer who is friendly and fun to work with!

Will an interior designer get my style right?

Yes, a good designer will work with you to understand your style and goals for the project, then make them a reality through their expert knowledge of how to create a functional, beautiful space. Laura Vincent guarantees her clients’ satisfaction and has 17+ years of experience bringing their unique styles to life.

How much does interior design cost?

The cost of your interior design project will depend on the amount of time you need to work on and plan the project, the nature of the space you would like designed or remodeled, the extent and scope of work, and factors like materials, furniture and accessories, and custom pieces.

Will I save money if I do it myself?

While hiring an interior designer might seem like an added expense, in reality a good interior designer can save you money on your project. A professional interior designer will ensure your project runs on time, meaning you won’t waste money on extraneous costs, and you’ll stick to your budget. Using the expertise of a designer makes it easier to evaluate choices and make decisions, especially where it makes sense to spend a little more or where to save your money. An interior designer will also make use of their connections to source high quality, good value pieces and materials – a process that would take more time and money if you tried to do it yourself.

What’s your fee structure?

Some of Laura Vincent’s services are charged hourly, while others are structured as a flat fee. Space planning and collaboration with contractors are typically a flat fee, while furniture and accessories selection is usually charged hourly, and materials selection can be either. Laura Vincent will determine the fee for your project based on your objectives and your budget.

How much does it cost for an interior design consultation?

Laura Vincent offers a free, no obligation consultation where she will come to your home, get to know your taste and goals for your interior design project, look at the space, and determine if your project is a good fit for her services. Visit her process page to learn more.

Is it worth it to hire an interior designer for a small space?

Absolutely. Even a small space makes a huge impact on your home, and when you have a vision in mind, hiring an interior designer to bring it to life makes all the difference. Laura Vincent has experience working on smaller spaces like home offices, dining nooks, dens, and more and can create a special space of any size in your home.

What sets your interior design services apart?

Laura Vincent truly takes care of you and works hard to create a result you’ll absolutely love. Her unique combination of experience as a designer and flipping houses means that she understands the design and remodel process from the inside out, and can even offer full project management services on your project. Laura is kind, friendly, and professional, and makes the interior design process fun for you! She loves what she does and it shows in every project she works on. She will create the beautiful home you’ve always wanted, tailored to your style and goals.