Laura Vincent Interior Design - reviews

Interior Design Clients are Elated – How Laura Vincent Made Their Vision for Their Home Become Reality

Clients just like you experience how Laura Vincent provides the personal attention to you and your needs, to what works to make your project come to life, and to manage the whole process with grace. Just listen to what some of our wonderful clients have to say….

Interior Design Expertise Makes the Difference

“Thank you for helping me remodel our condo! I’m so happy with everything – your advice and expertise made all the difference! We enjoyed working with you.”

– Jill and Bruce

Joy to Work With

“You are a joy to work with. I really am happy having you help on another project. Thank you for this; and for your friendship.”

– Karen

Laura Makes Interior Design Projects Fun and Easy

“Laura is very good at dissecting a large project into an easy step-by-step process. She listens and responds to questions, and incorporates alternative ideas and products into the finished results. She has flexibility and allows for change of thoughts until final decisions are made. She never pressures or gets annoyed, or shows anything other than a positive attitude!

Great product knowledge … great vision, great ‘hands-on’ experience. Laura also pays very strong attention to details. She even brought samples to keep our decisions focused. She began with our likes and dislikes, color schemes, and understood what we wanted for the final appearance when all was completed. Personality extraordinaire, gave as much time as possible to make decisions in advance of when final approval was needed. Very punctual, good sub-contractors.

Laura was easily reached, reacts quickly to changes and/or questions, and is willing to come by in person. And she was always available before, during, and after each part of the job is finished. She helped with all the small corrections, adjustments, etc. until it was perfect.

Love our fireplace which she designed for the person who created the final mantle.

Wish you great successes!”

– Pat Mitchell

Laura Vincent Interior Design – Vision from Design Details to Completed Project

“I have been thinking about Laura a lot lately! We just had our dining table and our metal wall sculpture delivered last week. Laura, as soon as the last pieces are delivered we want to have you for dinner so you can see the fruits of your labor! Everything is coming together nicely!

Laura is good at so many things and is very gifted! On a professional level, I think one of her great strengths is being able to see the big picture in design and at the same time all the details that go into it. She is very good at trying to learn about and listen to clients like us, getting to know our likes and dislikes, budget, etc. As a client, I can depend on Laura to communicate well, be a good steward of my time and her time, as well as being cognizant of value and budget. I can depend on her to make recommendations based on my style preferences, and check in frequently to make sure we are on track. She managed the whole project.

One of the many things that is very impressive about Laura is her integrity and intentionality in everything she does, both personally and professionally.”

– Kathy