About Laura Vincent Interior Design

The Interior Designer to Make Your Dream Home Reality – Laura Vincent

Transforming spaces to create your dream home is more complicated than choosing carpet and paint colors.  At times, the process can seem chaotic. Numerous decisions have to be made at every step.  There are so many options!  That’s why you need an interior designer.  That’s why you need Laura Vincent.

When you work with Laura Vincent, you will have an expert to answer your questions.  She will work with you at every step along the way, handle and manage the contractors, and ensure that your home transforms into the serene and calm oasis you’ve always wanted.

Experience You Can Count On

“Hello, I am Laura Vincent. I am a creative entrepreneur who loves all aspects of design and function. After years of being a stay-at-home mom, I decided to go back to school to pursue interior design at Bellevue College.  I started off as a restaurant designer and later realized that homes have a special place in my heart. When the economy crashed in 2008, I decided to flip houses.  That experience taught me a lot more than design – I learned to build walls, handle light plumbing and electrical work, master drywall, and so much more. Since then, I have designed hundreds of spaces just like yours. It’s fair to say that I have seen it all and it’s been the most rewarding work of my life.”

Laura Vincent

One Point of Contact to Make it Easy for You

When you’re redesigning your home, you’ll deal with a variety of contractors – framers, drywall specialists, painters, cabinet makers, flooring experts, electricians, plumbers, and more.  When you work with Laura Vincent, she will use her experience to coordinate their efforts and they’ll work under her guidance during the renovation process.  You can rest assured that the pros Laura will select will provide only the best quality.

“My goal with this venture is to help people find pride in their own homes and allow them to love it as much as they can. Your final design isn’t about my selections or advice, my approach is that interior design is all about reflecting your preferences and personality.”

Transform Your Design with Unique Expertise

Laura has hands-on experience with plumbing, installing rims, lighting, drywall work, and so much more. Her experience in flipping houses along with decades of interior design work position her to help you save money, save time, and get the result you want.

Relax! Laura’s Process is Simple and Easy

When you sign up for a free consultation, Laura will come to your home and listen to your needs. Unlike other contractors, she won’t impose her decisions on you. Rather, she will find solutions that satisfy your family’s needs, while still being beautiful and functional. After the consultation, you will receive a proposal with the project scope, timeline, and budget. With your approval, your dream home will be a reality soon!

Laura Guarantees Your Satisfaction

Laura Vincent’s designs are customized to fit your family’s needs. You can select the style or design that reflects your personality, and her team of contractors will take care of the rest. You can rest assured:

  • Improved Functionality – Optimize your home and create an environment that works to better fit your lifestyle and routines
  • Unique Touches – Showcase unique designs built just for your spaces, like custom fireplaces, walk-in pantries, entertainment rooms, etc.
  • Expert Quality – All materials are carefully chosen to ensure long-lasting appearance and functionality

You deserve to live in a space that fills you with joy. Whether you are looking for customized design space or remodeling your home for family needs, I can assure you that your needs will be taken care of.